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vermicompost fertilizer: earthworm manure in common language vermicompost They also say It is an excellent organic fertilizer rich in nutrients. Apart from nutrients, some hormones, enzymes are also found in it which is very beneficial for plants. earthworm compost It is black and grainy in appearance.

to put it simply earthworm manure A mixture prepared from soil, cow dung, weeds, dry leaves, peels of fruits and vegetables and earthworms Organic manure Is. It contains sufficient amount of nitrogen, potash and phosphorus along with many other micronutrients.

So come on The Rural India in this article of vermicompost Learn about in detail.

With the growing trend of organic farming vermicompost The demand has also started increasing. These days earthworm fertilizers of different companies are available in the market. But you can easily make this compost at your home. In which the cost is also less and there is no need to buy vermicompost from the market.

Easy way to prepare earthworm compost

  • To prepare vermicompost, first take a wooden or plastic tank/box.

  • Make small holes for water to drain.

  • After this, spread a layer of sand about 3 inches thick.

  • Spread a layer of soil about 6 inches thick on top of the sand layer and sprinkle water to make the soil 50 to 60 percent moist.

  • Now put earthworms in the tank/box as per requirement.

  • Put a layer of leaves, weeds, dry wood, peels of fruits and vegetables, etc. on top of it.

  • Now make a thick layer of old cow dung and cover it with weeds, dry leaves, soil etc.

  • Use sacks, palm or coconut leaves etc. to cover it.

  • Keep sprinkling water in between as per requirement.

  • Keep turning it at an interval of 7 to 8 days.

  • Earthworm compost will be ready after about 45 days.

  • Now you can separate earthworms from this manure and use the manure in crops.

Keep these things in mind while making vermicompost

  • Earthworms should be protected from strong sunlight.

  • Build compost in a shady place.

  • The bottom of the composting tank should be hard. So that earthworms cannot go inside the ground.

  • The moisture content of the material should be around 40 to 50 percent.

  • Earthworms should be protected from ants, insects, chickens and other birds.

  • Do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the field after using vermicompost.

Benefits of Vermicompost (Benefits of Earthworm Compost)

The vermicompost which looks black and grainy is very beneficial for the crops. Not only crops, it is also very beneficial for the soil of the farm.

  • Many types of nutrients, hormones and enzymes are supplied in crops.

  • It has more organic matter in it. Due to which the water holding capacity of the land increases.

  • It helps in improving the pH level of the soil.

  • Nitrogen, phosphate and potash are found in higher quantity in earthworm manure as compared to cow dung and other compost fertilizers.

  • The yield of crops increases and high quality crops are obtained.

  • Disease resistance increases in plants and air circulation inside the land is smooth.

  • No harmful chemicals are required in its manufacture.

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