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panchayat samiti in hindi: local self government The Panchayati Raj system in India is based on the concept of collective decision making. Therefore, for the development of the village, various committees are formed at the Panchayat level, which actively monitor the allocated subjects and programs continuously.

What is Panchayat Samiti? (What is Panchayat Samiti?)

often It is seen that there is a lot of difference of opinion in the Gram Panchayat. To work smoothly in a panchayat, a group of people is needed who Can be assigned specific tasks.

That’s why committees of people of related subjects are formed. These committees perform their subject related tasks. Due to which the work of Gram Panchayat continues smoothly. Panchayats discharge their responsibilities through these committees.

in other words

‘These committees are the hands, ears, eyes and brains of the gram panchayats.’ Which works to curb corruption by monitoring the work of the panchayat. These committees consist of experienced and subject related people.

Let us tell you, these committees are also formed after every 5 years after the election of Panchayati Raj Institutions. They are formed by including members of Panchayats and people concerned with the subject.

Panchayat Raj Act There is a provision to include a chairman and other 5-6 members in the committees. It is mandatory to have women members in these committees. In addition committees There is a provision to include people belonging to SC/ST category as well.

need of panchayat committees

  • Formation of committees is very important for the successful operation of various functions of Gram Panchayats. Working through committees increases accountability and also increases the activism of the members.

  • It is necessary not only to organize the works of Panchayats but also to make Panchayat members feel their responsibility so that decisions can be taken quickly and timely.

  • These committees are also important from the point of view of inspection and evaluation of various works done by the panchayats.

  • Continuous working and thinking from committees also increases the efficiency of the members, so that they are able to give efficient leadership.

  • To ensure the participation of women and backward classes in the committees, their membership in the committee has been made mandatory. Therefore, these members get better opportunities for participation through the committee.

Various committees and functions of Gram Panchayat

Village Planning and Development Committee

Sarpanch is the chairman of this committee. Apart from this, there are 6 other members in this committee. But it is mandatory to have one member each from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Women and Backward Classes in the committee.

Functions of Village Planning and Development Committee

Ø Preparation of plan of Gram Panchayat

Ø To conduct agriculture, animal husbandry and poverty alleviation programmes.

Village Education Committee

The chairman of this committee is the deputy sarpanch or a senior member. The secretary of this committee is the headmaster of the government school located in the village panchayat. This committee also has 6 other members like the planning and development committee.

Functions of Village Education Committee

Ø Seeing the works related to primary education, upper primary education, non-formal education and literacy etc.

Ø Monitoring of mid-day meal.

Ø Supervision of works related to library and cultural activities.

village construction work committee

The member nominated by the Gram Panchayat is the chairman of this committee. Apart from this, like other committees, this committee also has 5-6 members.

Functions of Village Construction Committee

Ø To do all the construction work and ensure the quality.

Ø Supervision of works related to rural housing, water supply, roads and rural electrification.

Village Administrative Committee

Sarpanch is the chairman of this committee. 6 other members are also taken from all classes. This committee is the most important committee in terms of administration.

Functions of Village Administrative Committee

Ø Seeing the administrative system of Gram Panchayat.

Ø Ration shop related work

health and welfare committee

The chairman of this committee is a member nominated by the Gram Panchayat. The ASHA or ANM of the village is the secretary in this committee. It is mandatory to have one member from scheduled caste, tribe, women and backward class in 6 other members.

Functions of Health and Welfare Committee

Ø Work related to medical health, family welfare.

Ø Operation of women and child development schemes.

Village Water Management Committee

The head of this committee is a member nominated by the Gram Panchayat. Apart from this, 6 other members are also selected like other committees.

Functions of Water Management Committee

Ø Operation of state tubewells.

Ø Seeing work related to drinking water.

Village Social Justice Committee

This committee is formed for social harmony in the Gram Panchayat. Sarpanch or other senior member is the chairman of this committee. The members of this committee include members of all classes.

Functions of Village Social Justice Committee

Ø Promotion of educational, economic, social, cultural and other interests of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and weaker sections.

Ø Work related to protection from social injustice and all kinds of exploitation.

meeting of panchayat committees

Meeting of each committee once in a month is mandatory. The number of meetings can be increased if necessary. The chairman of the committee is solely responsible for calling the meeting. The discussions held in the meeting should be recorded in the Proceedings Register of the Committee. The quorum of 4 members should be complete for the meeting of the committee.

Committee meeting and work plan

Better work will be planned in the meetings along with discussion about the status of ongoing works in the Panchayat. Along with this, the committee will work for development to discharge its responsibilities.

By now you must have come to know the importance and necessity of committees in panchayats. In fact, local self-governance can be strengthened on the activism of these committees. All the works of rural development have to be done through these committees.

Therefore, formation of committees and making them functional is an important point for the success of Panchayati Raj.

The committees of the Gram Panchayat have the right to take decisions on those points which come under their jurisdiction. Various committees of Panchayat should work together with Gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat, only then there will be transparency in the works of rural development.

Importance of Panchayat Samitis

You must have also seen that committees are formed in Panchayat but they are not able to be active towards their tasks and responsibilities. The inaction of the committees increases the dominance of a few people in the Panchayat. Due to which the basic spirit of Panchayati Raj also gets shocked.

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In short, if Panchayati Raj system If it is to be really successful, then formation of Panchayat committees is necessary at every level. Along with this, it is also necessary to develop the capabilities of the members of these committees so that they can become aware of their tasks and responsibilities and strengthen the roots of local self-governance by playing their role better.

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