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Integrated farming in hindi: Integrated Farming System There is modern technology of farming. Along with cultivation in this technique Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Poultry, Fisheries is promoted. This helps a lot in increasing the income of the farmers.

in simple language Integrated farming It includes all the components of farming. Due to which the farmers get income throughout the year.

So come on The Rural India in this blog of What is Integrated Farming System?(what is integrated farming) Learn in easy language.

Integrated farming system

In this technique, along with their main crop, farmers do poultry farming, fisheries, beekeeping, silk, vegetable-fruit, mushroom farming together on the same land. In this one component is used for another component. Due to which farmers can reduce their dependence on one crop or reduce the possibilities of its losses.

Due to ever increasing population and depleting natural resources, farmers also need to change both their methods and techniques. This is also known as Integrated Farming (IFS) model. it in english integrated farming known as.

Come integrated farming Let us understand with an example.

A farmer who has 10 acres of land and has been doing traditional farming for years. But till now paddy and wheat are being cultivated in his field. Due to which he still earns 3-5 lakhs in a year.

But except traditional farming, he does horticulture in 1 acre, fish farming in 1 acre, poultry farming in 1 acre, goat farming in 1 acre, cow farming in 1 acre and other traditional farming like bee and paddy-wheat in the rest of the field. So he can now earn 25-30 lakhs annually on 10 acres of land, which is 5 times more than traditional farming.

The special thing about integrated farming is that it provides income to the farmers throughout the year and all the farming is complementary to each other. With traditional farming, he can easily get fodder for animal husbandry, milk from animal husbandry and feed for each other from poultry and fish farming.

It is necessary to have some primary things for integrated agriculture, the more the cultivation expands, the more the possibilities of profit increase. So we will be able to include more things in our farming.

Integrated farming Availability of water is essential. Dig a pond for water in the farm land itself, so that they can get 3 benefits from it.

  1. irrigation
  2. Fisheries
  3. availability of water for animals

For example, if a person decides to grow only one crop, it is not necessary that the weather in the area will always be favorable, excessive rain, windstorm or hailstorm can spoil any crop.

In such a situation, the farmer brothers Integrated farming system There is a need to pay attention to, under which the collection of more than one crop and products gives more profits by reducing losses.

There is double profit from integrated farming, know how

So let us tell you how integrated agriculture can produce more with less cost.

  • In a good ideal model, it is necessary to have sufficient amount of water, for this you can make a source of water. You can make a small pond in the middle of the field or at any other place according to your need.
  • Creeper plants can be planted around the pond so that their water requirement can be met. Trees like guava, litchi, mango, vegetables etc. can be planted according to the place.
  • A cow shed can be built near the farm in which cows, buffaloes and goats can be reared. Ducks will continue to be produced in the farmhouse along with chickens.
  • Now you understand how all these complement each other, if you grow vegetables or fruits, then the remains of it such as fallen leaves, spoiled vegetables, weeds etc. will become fodder for goats, land from cow dung. can be made more fertile.
  • Along with meat, eggs are also obtained from poultry farming. The fodder for the fishes is also arranged through this model. Makes ducks and fishes their diet and fishes to aquatic animals, so that harmony remains and water remains pure.
  • Fishes also provide you fish seeds along with meat, which gives you double profit. In this way you get profit of lakhs.

Benefits of Integrated Agriculture

  • There has always been a problem in farming that there is no guarantee of profit in it. Nothing can be said when the weather changes and the crop gets spoiled.
  • In such a situation, farmers need to change the method, not the crop. In which some other components should be included along with the cultivation of crops so that even if there is a deficit, it can be compensated by other products.
  • Wheat crop requires a different season, while paddy crop requires another. If there is a change in their weather, then there is a lot of loss in it, if along with it the loss can be reduced by resorting to some other products.

Advantages of Integrated FarmingBenefits of Integrated Agriculture

  • With the integrated farming system, we can overcome the damage to the environment to a great extent.
  • By knowing the demand of time and area, you can earn more profit and also reduce the excessive cost of fertilizers and fodder through modern technology. Due to which our cost will be less and our profit will be more.
  • The income from integrated farming can be 2 to 4 lakhs per month and the biggest thing is that integrated farming assures us from those expenses and future losses as well. Because we already make arrangements to deal with them.
  • Integrated farming not only gives prosperity to a farmer but also enables him to provide employment to others. Now imagine if a person is doing integrated farming on such a large scale, then he will have to do large scale work or get it done. For this he will need people so that he can hire people at his place.
  • Integrated farming involves a lot of work. For example, the work of poultry farming, goat rearing, taking care of vegetables, taking them to the market, etc. can be divided among the people. When business grows, work also grows, and it is not possible for a single person to do so much work, for harvesting crops, plowing, planting trees, etc., others can also be employed.

in short Integrated farming Doing this is very beneficial for the farmers. With this method, more profit can be earned with less cost. In this, along with income, employment opportunities increase.

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