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intensive farming: Population pressure in India is increasing day by day. The land area is gradually decreasing in proportion to the population. In such a situation, the number of small and marginal farmers is increasing. This is the reason why agricultural scientists are also searching for new techniques for farming. So that farmers can get more profit in less cost.

For more production from farming intensive farming There is a technique. this technique intensive farming They also say Although this method has been going on in India since ancient times.

So come on The Rural India in this blog of intensive farming Know about in detail.

Intensive farming at a glance

  • planting more crops on less land intensive farming is called

  • In intensive method, crops are grown by making beds, due to which good yield is obtained in less time.

  • By adopting intensive method, there is less possibility of weed in the crop.

Benefits of Intensive Method Farming

  • In this method, much irrigation is not required, only moisture has to be maintained in the soil.

  • In this farming with less resources, the size and quantity of plants is less, due to which spraying is done easily along with weeding.

  • Using proper amount of water and manure-fertilizer gives quality and good production of the crop.

Things to keep in mind in intensive method farming

  • It is necessary to keep harvesting and pruning the plants in an intensive method, so that the size of the crop does not increase and monitoring of the crop is also done.

  • Vegetables, pulses, spices and medicinal crops can be cultivated in the empty space in fruit orchards.

  • For intensive farming, the field is plowed with the help of animals or with a plough.

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