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milking machine and its price: After agriculture in our country animal husbandryanimal husbandry The most popular employment of farmers. Our country is number one in the world in milk production. But we are still far behind in the technology of animal husbandry. Many developed countries of the world use modern equipment in animal husbandry. We also need to be hi-tech in animal husbandry, only then we will be able to produce more and quality milk. animal husbandry Today many machines have come for this. with the help of which you dairy business can be made successful.

Today we are going to discuss about such a machine, which is used by animal husbandry brothers for milking. this machine milking machine Or called milking machine.

So come on The Rural India In this article we will know that What is Milking Machine? And how much benefit is there to the animal husbandry brothers by its use.

first of all know that What is Milking Machine?

milking machine

milking machine There is a modern machine for artificial milk extraction. By this milk of cow, buffalo, etc. animals can be extracted in a few minutes. With this machine, there is a lot of convenience in extracting milk from cow-buffalo or other animals. The teats of animals are also massaged with this machine.

For milking any animal, this machine is attached to the earrings (ion) of that animal. With this, milk can be extracted without causing pain to the ears of the animal.

Types of Milking Machine

There are two types of milking machines

  1. Single Bucket Milking Machine

  2. double bucket milking machine

Single bucket milking machine

This milking machine is small. In this a bucket is used to collect the milk. There are two pipes attached to this machine for milking. It can be applied only in two earrings at a time. Milk of 2-5 animals can be extracted using this machine.

double bucket milking machine

This milking machine is very big. There are 2 buckets fitted in this machine. Which can be used in turn. There are four pipes fitted in this machine for milking. It can be milked from all the four ears in one go. Milk of 10-20 animals can be extracted using this machine.

Advantages of milking machine

Advantages of milking machine

  • This does not cause any harm to the udders of the animals.

  • The quality and production of milk increases.

  • This results in less cost and time savings.

  • No kind of dirt comes in the milk.

  • This increases the quantity of milk by about 10 to 20 percent.

  • Use of milking machine gives clean and high quality milk

  • Milking machines save a lot of time to the cattle rearers.

Things to keep in mind while using a milking machine

  • Use the milking machine only after the animal has been weaned, so that the animal gets used to the machine. If possible, use milking machine from first calving.

  • Keep calling the animals while milking so that they feel belonging.

  • After milking, clean the milking machine thoroughly.

  • Keep the cowshed clean, take care of cleanliness while milking.

  • Place the machine around the animal so that the animal gets used to seeing it.

milking machine price

There are many types of milking machines available in the market. Buy only high quality machines. Buy it from where milking machine service is available. The price of milking machine in the market ranges from 25 thousand rupees to 90 thousand rupees*.

subsidy for milking machine

To promote technology in animal husbandry, the government also gives subsidy for milking machines from time to time. You can also take loan from banks for animal husbandry. Apart from this, the government operates many schemes for animal husbandry, on which animal rearers get 30 to 50 percent subsidy. For this you can visit your nearest Animal Husbandry Department or Krishi Vigyan Kendra can contact.

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