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What is nano urea in hindi: Nowadays everyone is talking about Nano Urea in the agriculture world. IFFCO organized the world’s first scheme for farmers this year. Liquid Nano Urea has been introduced. Being convenient and economical, farmers are taking it hand in hand.

Significantly, since its launch, farmers across the country are eager to buy and use it.

after all What is? this nano ureaWhich is in demand across the country.

Till now urea has been used as solid. But nano urea completely liquid That is, it is in liquid form. Solid urea is available in sacks, but nano urea bottle Available in This liquid urea has been developed by nanotechnology.

IFFCO Nano Urea is helpful in making the soil more fertile and quality of the crop by providing essential nitrogen to the crops. Use of IFFCO Nano Urea liquid is eco-friendly, cheap and more beneficial.

This indigenous nanofertilizer has been prepared for the first time in the world by the patented technology at IFFCO-Nano Biotechnology Research Center (NBRC), Kalol, Gujarat.

Nano urea is environment friendly

Research trials have been conducted on 43 crops at more than 20 research centers of Indian Agricultural Research Institute, ICAR/State Agricultural Universities. All India level more than 11,000 trials were conducted on about 90 crops under the supervision of scientists from Krishi Vigyan Kendras on farmers’ fields. Research results have found that the requirement of urea can be reduced by up to 50% with the use of Nano Urea (Liquid) while increasing crop production. Apart from this, the use of nano urea (liquid) also improves crop yield, biomass, soil health and nutritional quality.

Testing of Nano Urea (Liquid) for Biosafety and Toxicity by Government of India Department of Biotechnology (DBT) guidelines and International OECD (OECD) carried out in accordance with the prescribed standards. Use of Nano Urea (Liquid) in recommended quantity is completely safe for humans, animals, birds, micro-organisms of soil and root zone and environment.

IFFCO launched in 50th general meeting

IFFCO on 25 May Self-reliant India, self-reliant agriculture Taking a step towards this, not only the country but also the world’s first liquid urea was launched. On this occasion, IFFCO MD Dr. U.S. Awasthi said in his address that this urea will further help in increasing soil fertility and crop productivity.

price of nano urea

This indigenous nanofertilizer has been made available in half a liter in the market. The cost of this bottle of 500 ML is only Rs.240.

Features of Liquid Urea

  • IFFCO Nano Urea Liquid is helpful in improving the quality of ground water, reducing excessive use of urea in the soil, protecting the crop from pests and diseases, as well as increasing the nutritional quality of the product.

  • Nano Urea (Liquid) The major nutrient is the source of nitrogen, which is very useful for the formation of carbohydrates and proteins in plants and for plant structure and vegetative growth.

  • Generally, the nitrogen content in a healthy plant ranges from 1.5 to 4%. Foliar application of Nano Urea (Liquid) at key stages of crop growth can effectively meet the nitrogen requirement and yield higher and better quality yields than conventional urea.

  • Nano Urea is effective and efficient for plant nutrition. Along with making the crop healthy and strong, it is also helpful in increasing the yield.

  • Nano Urea is helpful in supplying essential elements for liquid nourished soil. It improves the organic quality of the soil making it more fertile.

  • This urea is cheaper than the expensive urea available in the market. Along with this, it is helpful in producing more crops, so that the farmers will be able to get good prices for the crops produced from it.

  • This urea helps in residue free, precision and sustainable agriculture.

  • It is an eco-friendly product that not only meets the challenges of modern agriculture but also provides windfall benefits.

Benefits of Nano Urea

  • Reduces urea requirement by 50% or more.

  • Even using less quantity, more production is obtained.

  • Environment friendly product, helps in preventing pollution of soil, air and water.

  • Economical and cheaper than conventional urea.

  • By reducing the cost of agricultural inputs to the farmers, it is able to increase the income of the farmers.

  • Improves crop productivity, soil health and nutritional quality of produce.

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