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What is okcredit? Nowadays the effect of Digital India is visible everywhere. The work from restaurant to profit dealing is being done online only. Managing an offline business in the internet world is not an easy task. Whereas in online business all the work is done in a better way. nowadays online business There have been many apps for in which ok credit app Online business is the best option.

So come on The Rural India Learn in this blog of- What is OK Credit App? (OkCredit App kya hai) and how to use it?

In this blog you will learn-

  • What is OK Credit App

  • What is ok credit used for?

  • How to download OkCredit App

  • In which businesses OK Credit can be used

  • Benefits of using OK Credit

  • How to pay with OK Credit

What is OK Credit App

ok credit app Digital India’s very important app. This Your account of Digital India They also say It gets rid of the ledger associated with the business. And eases the work of businessmen. This app works like online ledger. Ok Credit App Using this, you can handle the accounting of your biggest business very easily.

What is ok credit used for?

If you are a shopkeeper or do any work in which credit transactions take place. So OK Credit App (okcredit mobile App) There are very useful apps for you. With the help of this app, you can not forget your old transactions and can also show them to your customers if needed, so that your credibility will remain intact.

How to download OkCredit App (OkCredit App Download Kaise Kare?)

  • First of all go to play store ok credit Search

  • After that by clicking on the link of OK Credit this app install Do it.

  • After that open the app.

  • After opening, choose the language according to your choice.

  • After that register by clicking on registration.

  • After that verify OTP.

  • anymore add customers Click on

  • Then select the number of the customer whose record you want to keep in OK Credit app and write their name.

  • After this you will see two options like Payment and Credit,

In which businesses OK Credit can be used

  • grocery store

  • gold business

  • mobile shop

  • electronics

  • mobile recharge

  • dth recharge

  • medical store

  • tea shop

  • Juice,Snack Center

  • clothing business

  • Wholesalers, Distributors

  • footwear sellers

  • Many such small and big businesses

Who can use OK Credit

Ok Credit App To use it, it is not necessary that you do any big business. If you are doing any business then for your convenience ok credit You can view your account using .

Benefits of using OK Credit App

ease of payment

If you use Android phone. So very easily you can run OK Credit App. You do not need to be very educated to run this app. Very easily you can see the list of your loans and payments ok credit app Can create in and use the app when needed.

No ledger required for accounting

If you know how to use OK Credit. So you don’t need to sit around with a bulky register and pen to keep track of your customers like before. If you want, you can keep all the accounts in your phone and you can see it yourself wherever you want. And also show it to your customer. In this way OK Credit is also a reliable mobile app.

multiple language selection

In the OK Credit app or Khata Book app, you can keep your accounts by selecting the language according to your choice. In this you get the option of all languages.

Helping to collect money from the customer

Let me know, if any of your customers hesitates to borrow from you. So you don’t have to run around. No need to bother by calling again and again. This work of yours will also be done by the OK Credit app. For example, if a customer takes a loan from you and says that I will give the money on this date of the month, then you will not need to remind him/her on that day. The reminder message will be sent to the customer from the OK Credit app itself. So that they will remember that they have to return the money.

OK Credit App is completely safe

That’s why you can call Ok credit app completely safe. Because if your phone is lost or damaged somewhere, you can access all the records again by verifying OTP with your number. like this ok credit It is very easy to use, easy and safe too.

How to pay with OK Credit

You can maintain your customer’s credit account in OK Credit. Along with this, if your balance is with someone, then you can easily make payment from it. For this you have to use your OK credit app I have to link any of my bank accounts. After this you do UPI in the same way Ok credit app You can also pay through.

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