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Jaivik Kheti: They say ‘health is Wealth’To stay healthy, it is most important that we eat pure food. In the olden days people did not fall sick much because of this only reason- Pure food.

We can get this pure food only from crops prepared naturally. these organic farming It is possible only from We will be able to correct our health only when we Natural farming Means we will return to organic farming.

Organic farming (jaivik kheti) There is such a farming in which we get pure and chemical free food without using chemicals.

So come on, The Rural India In this article of Organic farming (jaivik kheti) Will explain in depth and in very simple language. in this blog benefits of organic farming Will also learn about

here you will know

  • What is organic farming?

  • method of organic farming

  • organic food recipes

  • benefits of organic farming

  • Why do organic farming?

  • Challenges of organic farming?

  • Harm from chemical farming

So let’s first know that What is organic farming? (What is organic farming in Hindi)

What is organic farming? (what is organic farming)

to put it simply Organic farming (jaivik kheti) There is such a method of farming system, in which chemical substances are not used at all. In this method, the crop is produced only by the methods available in nature. This is a type of natural farming.

benefits of organic farming

Method of organic farming

To do organic farming, first of all you have to make the farm poison free. For this, you should check the ground. Test its fertile power. To test it, if you want, you can register online and go to a lab to get it tested. After that, if its fertilizer power is less, then first plant grass in it. for organic farming Jaivik Khad First there is a need.

For this you can use green manure. For green manure, you can use the seeds of Sanai, Dhaincha, Berseem. After this, to increase the fertility of the land, plow the field by adding 10 tons of cow dung manure per hectare.

Method of preparation of organic manure (jaivik khad)

if you are wondering Organic farming (jaivik kheti) If a lot and expensive material would be required for this, then there is nothing like that. Organic farming does not require more material but requires more effort.

so let’s know Methods of making organic manure (jaivik khad)

  • First of all, if you have a dairy farm, collect cow dung and cow urine from there.

  • After that leave the cow dung for 4 to 5 days to dry.

  • When this dung dries, mix it with hands.

  • On the other hand, add jaggery before adding cow urine in 1 gram.

  • Cow urine and jaggery is mixed well in the morning and evening.

  • After that, mix cow urine and jaggery well in dry cow dung.

  • Here jaggery is added to cow urine because jaggery converts micro-organisms present inside cow urine into crores.

  • After all this you will need gram flour, if gram flour is not there then you can use any pulse flour in its place.

  • This gram flour is mixed with cow dung.

  • Finally it is mixed with soil. Keep in mind that the soil is either under the peepal tree, under the banyan tree or inside the sea, which is dried and mixed with cow dung mixture. Actually, the number of bacteria is more in these soils. After that this organic fertilizer becomes completely ready.

benefits of organic farming

This farming is beneficial in every way. Let go benefits of organic farming But let’s take a look.

  • Organic farming (jaivik kheti) increases the fertile capacity of the land.

  • Soil moisture increases, due to which the need for irrigation is reduced.

  • Due to this, pollution spreads less in the environment. People’s health improves.

  • Dependence on chemical feed is reduced as farmers start making their own food.

  • The yield of crops increases.

  • The income of farmers increases due to increase in the yield of crops.

  • The quality of the crops is good.

  • Organic farming (jaivik kheti) It reduces the evaporation of water.

why do organic farming

Increasing disease, decreasing life span has everyone’s attention Organic farming (jaivik kheti) is drawn towards. If we want to be healthy, then we have to purify the food. There is only one solution for this- natural farming,

This farming truly helps the crop to retain its quality. Anyone can do this farming. It does not cost much but the profit is high.

if you too natural farming If you want to do this, then you will not need to bring expensive chemical substances from the market to make manure. Not only this, where on the one hand the fertilizer power of your land is decreasing due to the use of chemical substances, then it will increase.

Any farmer can do this farming. Because the elements used in it will be found very easily. Apart from this, you can also prepare insecticides for the protection of crops by yourself, information about which will also be available on the internet.

Challenges of Organic Farming

There are 2 sides of every coin, in the same way if organic farming has many benefits then there are some problems too. There are many such farmers who get a little scared on hearing the name of organic farming, lest the crop gets wasted, the reason behind this is lack of information. This farming is not expensive but hard work is very much as well as it is necessary to do it with the right method or the crop can be wasted. In this type of farming, there is a problem in selling the goods after production, because every farmer does not have the necessary facilities, using which he can deliver fruits, vegetables or any kind of grain to the people. Farmers become unable to meet the export demand.

Harm from chemical farming

Harm from chemical farming

chemical farming natural farming opposite happens. Chemical elements are used more in this type of farming, due to which the land, the crops and the health of the people get spoiled. Not only this, chemical farming is playing with nature in a way. It gradually eats up the fertilizer power of the fields like a termite and makes it barren. This type of cultivation has been banned in many states.

For example, in Sikkim, the government there has banned chemical farming. Farmers in Sikkim do organic farming, due to which their yields are also good and the people there are more healthy.

hard work is in everything if you are very hardworking Organic farming (jaivik kheti) It’s not that difficult for you. There are many such farmers who are making profit by doing this farming. If you promote this type of farming, then not only will you contribute to the protection of nature but also the lives of people.

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