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Soil Health Card Scheme 2023: Is the production decreasing from your farm? are you without Soil Are you doing farming?

If yes… then you soil health check It should definitely be done. With this you will be able to know the health of the soil. This will also help a lot in choosing the right crop.

Let me tell you, the soil test is also similar to the way we go to the doctor for our health and get many types of tests done.

When we care so much for our body, why not for the soil?

Thisby the government in our country in 2015 for Soil Health Card Scheme has been launched. Under this, you can get the soil of your farm tested.

What is Soil Health Card Scheme? And Benefits of Soil Health Card Scheme What should farmers do to get It is very important for all the farmers to have complete information about it.

So come on The Rural India in this blog of Soil Health Card Scheme (Soil Health Card Scheme 2023) Learn about in detail.

Soil Health Card Scheme (Soil Health Card Scheme)

There are lakhs of farmers in our country who have been doing traditional farming. They never check the health of the soil of their farm. Significantly, the nutritional status of each farm varies. Soil health card scheme has been launched on 19 February to know the exact status of nutrition in the soil. So that the farmers can know the health of their fields and they can remove the deficiencies of soil nutrition.

In simple language, soil health card scheme is done to check the health of the soil. This shows that which nutrient is deficient or excess in the soil. In this scheme, soil health card is given to the farmers, in which complete information about the type of soil of the field is available. Accordingly, farmers can sow crops in their fields.

Objective of Soil Health Card Scheme

  • Providing soil health cards to farmers after studying their land

  • encourage planting of crops according to the health of the soil

  • Telling the amount of fertilizer in the crop according to the quality of the soil

  • Enhancing soil base and balance using compost

  • Providing farmers with higher yields at lower prices

  • Helping farmers increase their income

Benefits of Soil Health Card Scheme

  • There is accurate information about the health of the soil.

  • Soil testing reduces the cost of cultivation.

  • Nutritional deficiencies can be overcome.

  • Crop can be selected on the basis of soil nutrients.

  • Testing helps in giving the right amount of fertilizer.

  • The income of the farmers also increases and better farming becomes possible.

What is on the Soil Health Card?

  1. soil health information

  2. productive capacity of the farm

  3. Nutrient Presence and Nutrient Deficiency

  4. amount of water

  5. other nutrients present

  6. Proper guidelines to improve the quality of fields

Soil Testing Procedure in Soil Health Card Scheme

  1. First of all the officials collect the soil samples of the farmer’s field.

  2. After this the soil is sent to the laboratory for testing.

  3. After getting the information of the soil sample, the investigation team tells its quality.

  4. If there is some deficiency in the soil, then suggestions are given for its improvement.

  5. After that this report is uploaded online with the name of the farmer.

  6. With this, farmers can see the soil report online.

how to make soil health card

It is very easy to make Soil Health Card. For this, the state governments are opening soil testing centers at the village level. You can get your soil tested by going there. Apart from this, you Krishi Vigyan Kendra Or contact the Agriculture Department.

How to apply for Soil Health Card

  • First of all the official of this scheme Website Go to

  • given on the home page Login Click on the option.

  • When the new page opens, select your state and click on Continue.

  • When the login page opens, click on the option of Registration New User.

  • After filling all the requested information, click on the submit button.

  • After registration, login by entering ID and password.

  • In this way your application for Soil Health Card will be accepted.

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