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vertical farming in hindi: With the increasing population, there is a shortage of cultivable land. In such vertical farming A unique way of planting more plants in less space. vertical farming To vertical farming Also known as.

So come on The Rural India in this article of What is vertical farming? Know in detail about this farming.

What is vertical farming? (What is Vertical Farming?)

Vertical farming is a modern agricultural technique. Farming is not required for this method. We can also do farming on the walls of our house. it’s kind of multilayer farming Is.

How is vertical farming done?

  • For vertical cultivation, a multi-layered structure is prepared on the wall.

  • At the bottom of this structure is a tank filled with water.

  • Small pots are placed on top of the tank in several layers.

  • Vegetables and other crops are planted in these pots.

  • Water is supplied to all the pots from the tank through a pump.

Advantages of vertical farmingAdvantages of Vertical Farming

  • More plants can be planted in less space.

  • An empty wall can be put to good use.

  • There is a reduction in the time and labor required for plowing the field.

  • Higher yields can be obtained at lower cost.

  • Water is saved at the time of irrigation.

  • Fruits and vegetables are more nutritious.

  • By doing vertical farming in the houses, the temperature inside the house does not get too hot during the summer season.

  • Moisture remains in the air.

  • Pollution decreases.

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