What Pakistan never dreamed of, Bangladesh showed! Jinnah’s country was overtaken by Mujib’s Bengal – mssewb.org

The present economic condition of Pakistan is very critical. The country can plunge into darkness at any moment. Bangladesh has to be specially mentioned in this situation. After partition in 1947, the eastern part of India was also occupied by Pakistan. It is called East Pakistan. But the tyranny of the Pakistan government led to the liberation war in 1971. Bangladesh was created. Who knew that a newly born country would one day challenge their former rulers (Bangladesh vs Pakistan)!

Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the economy of Bangladesh has also suffered a bit. But even so, there is a stark difference between their and Pakistan’s financial condition. GDP of Bangladesh is much higher than that of Pakistan. Even, the rate of inflation is very low. They have so much money in their foreign currency reserves which is like a dream for Pakistan. Around 1990, Pakistan used to compare itself with India. Many believed that this country had a lot of potential that could bring them closer to India.

Many experts also said that these two countries will go further in the coming days. GDP of both the countries was exactly the same and both the countries were progressing economically. But in two decades that picture has completely changed. Comparison with India is far, even Bangladesh has overtaken them. Once upon a time, Pakistan used to make fun of Bangladeshi money. Now the value of that money has become much higher than the Pakistani rupee. Since 2008, the price of the Bangladeshi taka has started increasing against the Pakistani rupee.

Investors were investing in Bangladesh. On the other hand, Pakistan was to be humiliated for terrorism. According to economists, the economic condition of any country can be understood by looking at the state of their currency. If that country’s currency continues to weaken, so does the economy. According to World Bank data, Bangladesh’s GDP in 1971 was $8.75 billion. In 2021, their GDP stood at 416 billion dollars. On the other hand, Pakistan’s GDP in 2021 was $346 billion. In 1971 this figure was 10.67 billion dollars.

Bangladesh’s per capita income is $2503, which is 60 percent higher than Pakistan’s. Pakistan’s per capita income is $1538. Bangladesh has 34 billion dollars in foreign exchange reserves. On the other hand, Pakistan has 3.67 billion dollars. Only three more weeks. Only then will Jinnah’s country sink into darkness. Also, the average life expectancy of people in Bangladesh is 73 years. The average life expectancy of Pakistanis is 67 years. In Bangladesh, 96 percent people have electricity in their homes. 75 percent of people in Pakistan have electricity in their homes.

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