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Bloody diarrhea disease of animals in hindi: Bloody diarrhea disease is very fatal in animals. disease in animals coccidia Caused by a protozoa called These protozoa feed, water and pasture spread this disease. Due to bloody diarrhea in animals, there is a huge decline in the health of animals. The animal becomes very upset due to illness, which also affects milk production. This causes a lot of loss to the cattle rearers.

So come on The Rural India Learn in this blog of- What to do when animals have bloody diarrhea?

Symptoms of bloody diarrhea in animals

  • There is lack of water and weakness in the body.

  • The animal becomes lethargic.

  • The animal exerts force at the time of defecation.

  • The rectum may also come out during a bowel movement.

  • The stools are watery, foul-smelling stools, which may be mucous and bloody.

  • The onset of these attacks is sudden.

  • The blood can range from fresh to deeply clotted.

  • Bloody stools may be attached to the tail.

treatment of bloody diarrhea

  • You can give sulfa bolus, sulfaguanidine, sulfaguanidine tablets to the animal suffering from this disease.

  • Spray Licor Ammonia Fort 10% around the animals.

  • Give 1-2 tablets of sulfoprise to the calf.

Prevention of bloody diarrhea

  • calves within 12 hours of birth colostrum/cough Must be fed.

  • The pen should be dry and clean at the time of calving.

  • Keep the food and drink utensils of animals clean.

  • Do not allow cow dung to collect in the enclosures.

  • In case of diarrhea in calves, their pen should be cleaned with disinfectants and the calves should be kept in new clean pen.

  • Treat sick calves by keeping them in separate enclosures.

  • It is necessary to have proper arrangement of air coming and going in the enclosure.

  • The number of calves in the pen should be less.

  • Keep the new calves separate for some time before bringing them into the pen.

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