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Pashu Tikkaran: Animals suffer from many fatal diseases. Sometimes animals also die due to various diseases. In such a situation, to save animals from some deadly diseases, at the right time vaccination It is very necessary to get it done.

Vaccination by we animals foot-and-mouth disease, mumps, infectious abortion, lameness fever etc. can save from many diseases.

So come on The Rural India In this article on animals Right time of vaccination, its importance and things to keep in mind at the time of vaccination Know the

Right time for vaccination in animals

  • Under the skin of animals from 3 months to 6 months of age FMD (FMD) Get vaccinated.

  • under the skin of animals over 6 months of age HS (HS) Get vaccinated.

  • According to the instructions of the drug producing company in the meat part of animals above the age of 6 months. B.Q. (BQ) Get vaccinated.

Importance of vaccination for animals

  • The risk of getting various infectious diseases in animals decreases.

  • Animals get the power to fight bacteria, viruses, fungi, infections, etc.

  • Disease resistance of animals increases.

  • Healthy animals can be protected from infection.

  • There is a reduction in the expenditure on medicines.

  • Animals can be saved from abortion disease.

  • There are diseases that can spread from animals to humans as well. Vaccination protects animals as well as animal parents.

Things to keep in mind while vaccinating animals

  • Get animals vaccinated at the right time.

  • healthy animals only Vaccination Should be done

  • Give deworming medicine (medicine to kill stomach worms) to the animals before vaccination.

  • Animals should not be vaccinated during pregnancy.

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