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: We have already arrived at the very end of the first month of the new year. And just one day later the next month i.e. February will come. In this case, several rule changes are going to happen in the coming months. Not only that, it is believed that the taxpayers may get some relief in the upcoming budget of February. Meanwhile, changes in packaging rules and traffic laws are also coming next month. Also, like other months, LPG, CNG and PNG prices are going to be fixed on February 1. In the current report, let’s find out exactly which rules are changing in the coming months.

1. Product Packaging Rules: Product packaging rules may change from February 1. According to the new rules, a total of 19 products like baby food and cement bags, apart from edible oil, flour, biscuits, milk and water, will have to provide important information such as place of origin, date of manufacture and weight information on the packaging. This way customers will get detailed information about that packaging.

2. Budget to be presented on February 1: The budget will be presented on the first day of next month i.e. February 1. In such a scenario, it is believed that the government may give tax exemption under Section 80C in the upcoming budget. Besides, the government can also increase this limit from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh.

3. Traffic Rules: Traffic rules are going to be stricter from February 1. According to the new rules, from now on, anyone who violates traffic laws in Delhi-NCR can have direct debit of challan money from his bank account. Even, if you don’t obey the traffic law, you can be fined up to 10 thousand taka. Not only that, it is known that if someone drives outside the designated lane, his license can also be cancelled.

4. Gaming Rules: Meanwhile, the new rules regarding online gaming may come into effect from February 1. The Ministry of Electronics and IT has already released the draft for this. As per the new rules, registration of online gaming companies with the self-regulatory body has been made mandatory. Besides, registration with the Ministry of IT has also been made mandatory.

5. Prices of LPG, CNG and PNG will be determined by: These prices are determined on the 1st of every month. In this case, a look at last month’s figures shows that companies have increased these prices.

6. Tata car prices will increase by: Meanwhile, Tata Motors has announced that the prices of its ICE-powered passenger vehicles will increase from February 1, 2023. In this case, the growth rate could be up to 1.2 percent. It is to be noted that Tata Motors owns several popular cars like Tata Nexon, Tata Safari, Tata Punch and Tata Tigo.

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