Work From Home Job: Don’t make your eyes cringe! Start again ‘work from home’? –

Work From Home: Is work from home going to be launched again? The new variant of Corona virus BF.7 is eye-catching, this question is currently circulating everywhere.

According to sources, discussions on this have started at the management level in multiple areas including hospitality, transport, tourism, real estate. This procedure will be re-introduced as soon as necessary.

This ‘work from home’ model was first introduced globally during the Covid pandemic two years ago. That model also brought radical changes in the economic sphere. Working from home not only improves the quality of work, but also results in better output in many cases, resulting in research papers.

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From the beginning of this year, normal work has started again in the office. However, many offices still follow a hybrid model, i.e., work from home some days, come to the office some days. Again, many offices have continued to operate in the ‘work from home’ model.

Before deciding what the future strategy will be, the world is once again facing the corona situation. Because of that, thinking about what strategy will be used in the workplace, how to keep the pace of activities intact and normal, has started in various quarters. It is also known from several sources that many organizations will not take any risk if the situation of Corona worsens. They will completely revert to the ‘work from home’ model.

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Although the Center and several states have repeatedly tried to reassure citizens, the administration is ready to handle any situation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is monitoring the Corona situation every day. The Union Health Ministry has started issuing directives to the states on what to do to prevent Covid on a day-to-day basis.

But in the meantime, the BF.7 variant has been found among several citizens of India. One of them has just returned from China. Although all precautions are taken by the administration, experts say, it will be difficult if this variant is not stopped at the beginning. Because, among all the variants that have come so far, this variant is the strongest in terms of infectious ability. The variant can infect new patients as well as re-infect those who have already been infected with the virus. Citizens who have received vaccines can also be infected in the same way.

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As a result, the speculation of starting ‘work from home’ in this situation is getting stronger.

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