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Zomato: Zomato is in the headlines again. A sensational information has emerged in the linkdn post. An entrepreneur named Vinay Sati has revealed an important information through his social media account. He said a Zomato delivery boy offered him special benefits if he paid the delivery boy some extra money. Vinay said he was told by the delivery boy that if he paid him Rs 200 to Rs 300 more, he would be able to enjoy a meal worth around Rs 1000 for free.


Courtesy: Facebook

The fact is, Vinay was ordering food through food delivery app Zomato as a regular habit. He ordered a burger on Zomato from the famous burger chain Burger King. He pays the price of this order online. After placing his food order as usual, the delivery boy brings his ordered food. It is alleged that the delivery boy demanded more money from him while making this delivery. The entrepreneur said that the delivery boy told him not to pay online from next time. This is when the delivery boy tells Vinay that if he pays more during delivery from next time, he can get food for free if he only pays 200 or 300 more. He can easily enjoy a meal worth Rs 1000, claims the delivery boy. When asked how this is possible, the delivery boy says that even if he delivers the food to him, he will inform Zomato that the food delivery has been cancelled.

After that, Tonk Nare authorities. The CEO himself came forward on behalf of the company. Zomato founder and CEO Dipender Goyal said he and his company are wary of this. They know that the delivery boy is cheating in various ways. He and his company are working to solve this problem. Besides, he also cautioned and warned the customers of his food delivery app against this kind of fraud.

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