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Zomato Share Price: Investors don’t see much hope in Zomato shares at present. That’s because the stock has lost 51 percent over the past year. That is, those who invested in this stock a year ago, their investment has become half. But experts are giving good news for investors. It is said that the stock may turn bullish soon. And that’s why brokerage firms currently recommend buying this stock.

The company has once again launched Zomato Gold, citing experts as the reason for such recommendation. The company has once again come up with this Zomato Gold as a loyalty program. Users covered by this program get bumper discounts on orders. A person can avail this facility by paying Rs 149 for 3 months. Under this scheme a person will get free delivery to restaurants within 10 km radius. Also, Zomato users, who have Pro or Pro+ with Edition card, will have their membership till 23 February 2023. Brokerage firms expect the company’s move to be positive enough for the stock, due to which the share price will rise.

Edelweiss, a popular Mumbai-based financial firm, says Zomato’s Gold scheme will attract users. Because, it really makes food cheap. According to brokerage firms, if the trend of the last 6 months is to be seen, Zomato shares have given good returns. Brokers say that this 6 consecutive months of gains has encouraged investors. According to them, Zomato shares can be bought with a target value of Rs 85.


What is Zomato’s stock doing today?

If only today is considered, Zomato shares are at Rs 48.65. Which is 3 and a half rupees less than the previous day. But experts are reluctant to lose faith in the stock just yet. That’s why few brokerage firms are still giving the buy-tag.

Special Note: Investing in stock market is always risky. This report is published for informational purposes only. Therefore, one should rely on the advice of experts and one’s own judgment in investing in the stock market. If you want to invest in the stock market yourself, you need to do enough research about the market and specific stocks.

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